Hot to clean your cupboard doors

How to clean your kitchen cupboard doors




Keeping your kitchen clean and neat is a key part to creating a welcoming space to entertain, relax and enjoy. Knowing how to achieve the best results can be tricky however, as different materials have different requirements – a set of high gloss kitchen cabinets will need slightly different treatment to a real wood design, and glass panels need a different touch to a painted surface. To help you achieve the best results, here are our top tips!

Out top tips

  • High Gloss Doors

High gloss kitchen doors are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a modern, minimalist and chic design. While these units are great at making your kitchen look incredible they do have a downside: the high gloss finish means that fingerprints, marks, spills and stains show up more readily and are super easy to spot – especially on high gloss white cabinets.  The news isn’t all bad however;  high gloss kitchen units tend to be smooth and this makes them easy to clean –  all you need to do is wipe down the door with soap and water,  and then dry thoroughly using a soft, fluffy cloth.  Buff in circles to achieve  flawless, spotless high gloss kitchen doors. You can also use diluted vinegar if you notice that soap is leaving smears.


  • Real Wood Doors

Along with white high gloss panels,  real wood kitchen doors are amongst the most popular options.  They are also very hard-wearing as the finish  Leigh-on-Sea includes layers of varnish or lacquer which are designed to protect the natural wood from moisture.  This is good news for homeowners: it is pretty easy to keep wooden kitchen doors looking amazing.  As with high gloss kitchen units,  soapy water is the best way to achieve a great finish.  One of the most important considerations with real wood doors is to dry the surface thoroughly after washing, to  prevent moisture from sitting for too long on the surface.


  • Painted Doors

If you like the high gloss white kitchen look, but are decorating on a budget,  painted doors can be a great way to achieve  a look that emulates cream gloss kitchen doors – for a mere fraction of the cost. Painted cupboard doors can generally be cleaned with any general kitchen cleaner, though the type used to create high gloss kitchen cabinets will require a little more maintenance – try and wipe this down after every use to maintain the shine.  One of the  main advantages of painted doors  is that they can be touched up at any time,  allowing you to keep the shine on your high gloss kitchen cabinets for longer.


  • Glass Panel Doors

 Glass panel doors are great for showing off beautiful china and glassware,  and can be kept clean and stylish using simple glass cleaner or, for a budget option, vinegar diluted in warm water.  Just remember to be gentle to avoid scratching the surface.


Taking the time to care for your kitchen doors properly helps to ensure that your home looks fresh, fashionable and stylish for longer, and helps your initial investment to stand the test of time. 

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