Do I need Made to measure kitchen doors?


When it comes to choosing a new kitchen, there are a number of considerations – which style would you prefer, which colour is the best fit for your space, do you need high gloss or cool matte? And, of course, are you opting for standard size, or are kitchen doors made to measure a better option? Ultimately, the decision will depend on your individual tastes and space, but we have put together a few of the main features to consider when refurbing your new kitchen.


Why Choose New Kitchen Doors?

Deciding to treat your kitchen to new cabinets can have a range of advantages Investing in  new kitchen units can offer the following benefits:


  •  Perfect Fit:  Made-to-measure kitchen units can offer a bespoke design which are the perfect fit for the shape, size and dimensions of your kitchen.
  • Easy To Install: Most made-to-measure cabinet doors are super easy to install. All you need to do is attach hinges and connector replacement door to the kitchen cabinet carcass. A bespoke fit means that everything should hang perfectly!
  • Affordable: While a made to measure kitchen may sound expensive, there are a range of options available which means that your dream design could be within easy reach.


What Types of Made to Measure Doors Are Available?

Made to measure kitchen cupboard doors come in a range of types, styles and designs, and these each offer their own style and aesthetic to your kitchen. Some of the most common types of made to measure doors include:


  • Vinyl Wrap

VInyl wrap is a popular way to add a twist to your kitchen, without breaking the bank. As the name suggests, vinyl wrap involves stretching a vinyl covering over a basic interior, usually made from MDF, to create the effect of real wood, without incurring a higher cost.


  • Acrylic

Acrylic finish doors can be a little more expensive than vinyl wrap, but they are popular thanks to their hardwearing and durable nature – these are an investment which will stand the test of time. They can also act as an alternative to high gloss kitchen doors, made to measure cabinets, as the surface is highly reflective.


  • Wood

Wooden kitchen cabinets are incredibly popular thanks to their high quality, stunning finish, and rustic charm. They are also very solid and built to last, and offer a sense of luxury. All of these advantages come with a heavy price tag however, and this can make them a less budget-friendly option.


  • Gloss

Gloss cupboard doors are often considered the height of current fashion, and are the ideal choice for adding a chic, contemporary and minimalist vibe which will ensure that your space is totally Insta-worthy in no time. Choose from bright, vibrant white, dramatic, moody black, or a range of colours in between. These can be the ideal option for your cabinet doors, made to measure, and are the ideal option if you are looking for a seriously impressive upgrade to your kitchen, and your home.

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